Find Your Emoji

Emojis are filling texts and can speak your mood without saying a word.  But what do they mean?

  • The devil emoji is mischievous and no good maybe just like you.
  • The cool emoji  is just kind of hung loose and not caring .
  • The sleeping emoji is very sleepy.
  • The kissy face emoji is sweet and nice.
  • The big lips emoji reminds me of Kyile Jenner.
  • The flirty emoji is like amazingly flirty.
  • The angry emoji is really self absorbed, bossy, and pretty frustrated.
  • The poop emoji  is stinky but everybody likes it.
  • The cat emoji is about many different things. It depends on which cat .
  • The green face queasy emoji is just seasick and does not need a lot explaining.
  • The money tongue emoji loves money and might be related to a millionaire.          
  • The surgical mask emoji is prepared for any type of surgery.
  • The unicorn emoji is beautiful and will throw cupcakes in your face.
  • The rock-n-roll emoji is my personal emoji.

What’s your favorite emoji?