Uplifting Posters

The Cannon Falls Elementary School art class has decided to make uplifting posters to hang all around the school. There are posters about nearly everything having to do with good character. Some of them include try hard, don’t give up, and be a good friend. We have done many things to help our school, and this just adds to the list .

Art teacher Mr. Addington has many great ideas, and he decided to use the posters to promote the new graphic arts center. 2nd through 5th graders created a graphic poster and found a place to hang it around the school. The graphic arts center is, as Mr. Addington says, something that has a meaning behind it. “I wanted to give kids a chance to do REAL graphic arts, ” said Mr. Addington. ”I also wanted to give the school an uplifting message.”

You can find the posters splattered on the walls throughout the school. Anywhere you look something reminds you that you can change the school by changing one thing. A good and uplifting message for us all