AR Goals   


Evie N.

AR Goal Chart

Accelerated Reader is a computer program that is used in Cannon Falls Elementary School.  Students read books and then take a comprehension test about it afterwards.

Some believe setting AR goals will help you read more fluently. Some students  think AR goals are fun.

Mr. Munson said, “I use AR goals because I want to know where the kids are in reading.”

Not all teachers use AR goals, but many do.

Mrs. Schliep exclaimed, “The highest goal set in my classroom was 400 points, and a girl in in her class met that goal.” (WOW!!) Mrs. Schliep added, “[AR] helps her class show how good of readers they are.”

Mrs. Albers comment

ed, “My class’s goal is to read 10 books in a month.  If they meet their goal, the prize is a movie party.”  She feels this gets the kids to love reading and reach their goal.

AR is used by many teacher, but do YOU think AR goals are necessary?