WOW Projects


Noelle S.

WOW Projects in the Hallway

When you enter our elementary school, you might say, “WOW!  That’s some great art!”  Students in the school are making WOW projects. A WOW project is an art project that students do to express their feelings. WOW stands for “Wonderful Original Work.” Projects are created in the Cannon Falls Elementary art studio during art class with Mr. Addington.

WOW Projects are made because they are fun to create. It is also interesting to see other people’s artwork. Students come up with their own ideas and use any materials that they’d like.

Art teacher Matt Addington says, “I love the WOW projects. They are a great example of how hard artist’s work in our school. I love that art is a way for students to express themselves and follow through on big ideas. It is a great place to be yourself and enjoy creating.”

Fifth grader Meagan P. added, “I like how they are all different.”
The WOW projects are amazing. The students at Cannon Falls Elementary have come up with some awesome and artistic work.  Be sure to check them out when you visit our elementary school.