Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments

MCA stands for Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment. In Minnesota you take tests in science, math, and reading MCA.

You DO NOT take these tests all in one day.  They are broken up into many days of testing.

Dylan Banks said, “I do not like MCA’s but it feels good when you’re done with those darn things”.

In  Minnesota you HAVE to take these tests!

I asked the administrators questions about the MCA test such as what do you do with the results from the the finished test. Mr. Bell said, “ Yes and no, I look at the scores and add them together.” Mr. Bell also  walks around to see if the teacher are doing what they are supposed to do.

Ms. Chappuis said, “I train the teachers what to do and watch training movies with the teachers. I also teach them the rules of taking the test.  We allow water bottles, pencils, a book to read and some kind of candy like Jolly Ranchers [in the testing room].”