Past Lives

[This is a story about the adventures of what you could have been in your past life. If you know what that means, then you may also call it “reincarnation” or  “the rebirth of a soul in a new body“. I hope you enjoy it.]

This story begins with you. In your past life you may have been a pirate in 1665. You were a very successful pirate, getting  the doubloons and bombing other ships. But one stormy night, you told your crew that it was going to be a harsh ride. Suddenly a loud “BOOM!“ came out of nowhere. Lighting hit your ship. You ran to the steering wheel and turned around to safety. While you were heading to land, you hit a rock. Your crew was running around, screaming. You started to tell your crew to jump off but instead the ship was already sinking. Before you were able to jump off you blacked out and drowned. And that was the end of your pirate life.  

[You thought that was the end, but it isn’t.]

In your next life, you were a director. You were very rich and  a very good director. You were directing the second movie of “ The Lochness Monster of England “.  Your last movie was a big hit, and you wanted to make this one just as big. Your actors were great. They had the glam…the pizazz…the bling. You were almost done with the film.  But then you got a call. You answered it and said “ Hello? “ But nobody answered. So you hung up and finished the movie. After filming the movie, you went home and looked at your phone. You looked around on social media and then you got a call. Ring Ring Ring. So you answered it and said, “ Hello? “ But nobody answered. So then (again) you said, “ Hello is anybody there? I’m going to hang up if you don’t answer. “  You sounded brave, but deep inside you were scared.  You got tired of waiting, so you hung up. Then, all of a sudden, you blacked out. You didn’t know why, but your director life was over.

[I know, I know,  I left you off on a cliffhanger. But you can make up what happened to you. (Assuming you can make up what ever happened to you. If you can’t, then leave it at that. )]

In your next life, you were a pop star. You had been a singer for 10 whole years! Your new album called “Live and Shine” had been a huge hit! You were so excited, but you just got an email from your mom saying, “Honey, we have to leave, because I’m starting to get too old and I want to be with my star. If you are wondering where we are going, then I’ll tell you. We are going to…AFRICA!!!! I hope you join us. Love, Mom.“ You had to make a decision – your mom or your career. Then you thought, “Mom would be happy if I come, but my career. You know what, I have been doing this for 10 years. Mom is way more important than singing.” So you called your lawyer and said you are retiring. Then you and your mom had the time of your life. And that was the end of your career…
but not the end of your story.