Peyton, Josie, and Hayden BFFs

One day Hayden and Peyton were playing tag. Josie came over and asked, “Do you want to go on an adventure today? Remember when Peyton and I went to the aliens, Hayden?”

“Yeah!” Hayden excitedly said

So Josie, Peyton, and Hayden thought and thought and thought till Peyton said, “We should build a time-Travel Machine and go to back to see dinosaurs!”

Everyone agreed, so they went to work. They rummaged through the shed and garage and found parts. They assembled the pieces and created the time-travel machine.

Josie, Peyton, and Hayden climbed into the machine. Josie said, “Everyone hold on tight because this might be a fast ride!”

Josie started the engine and said,” 1, 2, 3, BLAST OFF!!! It’s NOT a rocket!”

When they arrived in Dinosaur Land, Hayden said “Do you want to see if we can find a T-Rex?”

“Yes!” Said Peyton.

“I don’t know?!” Josie said, “ it might be too dangerous!”

“PLEASE!” Hayden and Peyton squealed.

“Fine”, Josie said.

They took a break before the search for because Josie’s stomach was rumbling. Peyton made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for everyone, plus chocolate chip cookies. After lunch, they began to look for dinosaurs.

At one point during the search, Josie was trailing behind and looking at the ground. Peyton and Hayden thought to themselves, “What the heck is she doing?!” It turns out, Josie found a dinosaur track.

Josie opened up her enormous book and magnifying glass. She started looking up the track in her book. Peyton and Hayden had continued to walk on until they came to a sudden halt. They saw a REAL LIFE T-REX!

“This is way too dangerous!!!” Josie stuttered scaredy.

“It’s not dangerous, it’s awesome!” Said Hayden.

Josie backed up while Peyton and Hayden moved up. They touched its foot! Josie was freaking out. However, the dinosaur loved being touched on the foot.

“So, I guess that we have a ride!” Peyton said giggling.

“Yep!” Hayden  said giggling also.

Josie was not giggling she was CRYING but Hayden and Peyton encouraged her to ride the dino.

“The dino is really nice,” said Hayden.

“Sure,” said Josie sniffling.

They got on the T-Rex and Peyton showed the dino where to go. While on the tour, they say other kinds of dinosaurs. After climbing off the dino, Josie returned to the ancient artifact, the dinosaur track. After investigating, Josie discovered it wasn’t a dinosaur track but actually was a T-Rex brain. Josie wondered, “Should I bring it back to the present time or leave it here?”

“Can I have it?” Peyton asked, which was no surprise.

Josie said “NO and NEVER!”

“Please?!” Peyton asked

“What about we go back the present time and bring the brain so we can become FAMOUS!” Hayden explained.

They decided to bring the brain back home with them. Then Josie, Peyton, and Hayden climbed back into the time-travel machine and said goodbye to Dinosaur Land.

“It’s been quite an adventure,” the girls sighed as they waved goodbye.