PJ Day

Once upon a time, before school, Dylan fed his stuffed gorilla mac and cheese from another planet, or at least that’s it what it said at the grocery store. Dylan couldn’t finish it. His stuffed gorilla, also known as King Kong, came to life, but Dylan didn’t know because he put King Kong in his backpack.

Once Dylan got to school, the teacher told everybody to grab their stuffed animals. Dylan and everybody else went and  got their stuffed animals and brought them into the classroom. Dylan got back to his desk, but then he realized his breakfast (the mac and cheese from another planet) was starting to kick in and he had to go to the bathroom. He quickly put King Kong down on his desk, asked his teacher, and then raced to the bathroom.

When Dylan was done, he went back to the classroom, but there was nobody there. He checked the time and it had only been 1 hour (that was short for Dylan) since he left the classroom. So he went and checked all the other classrooms, but he couldn’t find anybody. But when Dylan went back to check his classroom again, he saw King Kong laying on Dylan’s desk ten times bigger than before. He was huffing and puffing and he clearly needed to sit for a bit. While waiting for King Kong to rest, Dylan put the pieces together.

King Kong had come to life and ate everybody at school except Dylan. Dylan was his friend. (If you’re asking why King Kong ate everybody, the Mac and cheese didn’t fill him up like it did for Dylan.) Dylan was mad at King Kong for eating all his friends, but he didn’t tell him because Dylan had a plan.

Once they left school, Dylan tricked King Kong into going on a trip. They traveled up to the top of the Empire State Building. Surprisingly, King Kong fell for the trick! Once they got to the top, Dylan threw King Kong of the edge of the building. The plan worked! Or so he thought. Secretly King Kong landed on a bouncy house which saved him. Now King Kong is waiting for the right time to get revenge on Dylan.

                   To be continued…