Cannon Falls ESPN ( Opinion )


Grace M.

ESPN – Elementary School Principal News

You may think you know about ESPN, a cable sports channel, but do you know about a local ESPN?

The ESPN (Elementary School Principal News) is a newsletter sent out to parents on the back of the menu for school lunches. It is brief, but it says important news that parents need to know like PLC Early Releases, PTO Meetings, and other important news. The message varies from month to month depending on what is happening in our school. In the winter, there typically is a reminder to dress students in warm clothes for recess.

In addition, Principal Mr. Bell also creates a short video about the monthly news. He takes three 5th grade students that are in school patrol and uses a green screen to make a video that talks about what his newsletter says. They work on it for 2-3 hours. The selected students say the message that Mr. Bell needs parents to know.

My question is this. Do we need a paper copy of this newsletter? If we only posted it online, it would save a lot of ink. I mean 600 kids, and the oldest person of the household gets a paper copy.  In my opinion, this would be the perfect opportunity to use the technology that our school is promoting.

I spoke to Mr. Bell about my suggestions.  Mr. Bell says that if he could choose, he would promote using it online. Some staff say that they would prefer it on paper, and he respects their decision. He also says that the newsletter is on the back of the menu, not the menu is on the back of the newsletter. By that, he means that all households get a menu, so he uses the back as a spot to put the ESPN, respecting the staff and parents that prefer to read it on paper. Mr. Bell hopes that any readers will consider reading it online, but if a person doesn’t have Wifi at their house, kids bring home news in their take home folders.   

So in conclusion, the ESPN can say some important news. Maybe this article just informed you about the ESPN. If you go to this school, and if you know someone that does not know about the ESPN, you could tell them about it. Mr. Bell would appreciate it. That’s just my opinion on the subject.