Hopscotch Math

If you venture into the Cannon Falls Elementary School, you might notice hopscotch patterns in the IMC Commons. These patterns were used to help third graders learn multiplication by skip counting.

You can even make your own at home! First, you will need some chalk for outside, or tape for inside. There are a variety of different patterns you can make. For example when practicing skip counting by 2s or 5s, a simple pattern is needed. This pattern begins with one box, then two boxes, and the pattern continues four more times. You will have a hopscotch with ten rows.

Amelia B. and Alexa S. both agreed that Hopscotch Math is helpful. Amelia stated , “I think it’s fun because it actually helps me learn!”

If you like hopscotch and learning math, this would be a great activity for you! You get to jump and exercise while practicing your skip counting. Skip counting helps you memorize your multiplication facts.