Just For Kix


Noelle's Mom

Just For Kix Dance

Just for Kix dance is for students in grade prek-6th grade at the Cannon Falls Elementary school. It is a great activity for people that like to dance and enjoy recitals. Just for Kix practices are on Mondays after school. They occasionally have practice on a different day if needed. Just For Kix dance is taught by Kaitlynn B. and Leah D. They teach these classes, because they want to encourage people to dance.

Haley L., a Just for Kix dancer, thinks, “Just for Kixs is wonderful and fun!”

Katie M, another Just for Kix dancer, reports, “I like Just For Kix, because you get to interact with people. I like jazz and lyrical because you get to do different types of dance. I like kick because I like the dances we are doing. I like the competitions that we are doing in Just For Kix.”

Teacher Kaitlynn B., says, “I love Just For Kix, because it helps students to express themselves in many different ways. I enjoy teaching jazz and lyrical because jazz and lyrical is very different from other styles. You have to learn how to move your body in very many odd ways and you have to connect with the music much more than other styles. I got into dancing because in second grade my mother asked if I wanted to try dance. I said sure, and after the first day I was hooked. I’ve loved dance ever since. The old dance coach Kaylee asked if I wanted to help her with a class one day and I’ve been teaching ever since.”

Just for Kix gets your body moving.  They’re currently practicing for their upcoming recital which will be at halftime of a boys basketball game.  We hope you can get a chance to see their dance.