Falon H.

Cannon Falls High School Weightlifting Team

The cannon falls weightlifting team competes during the winter. Weight lifting is a sport where athletes lift heavy weights. Practices are held at the Cannon Falls high school at 6:10 – 7:30am. They complete on the weekends throughout Minnesota.

An important part of weightlifting is eating healthy. The teachers of weight lifting always tell the people “EAT HEALTHY.” To encourage healthy eating, the cafeteria donates milk to the team once a year. This usually happens when awards are announced.

There are many positions in weightlifting. Clean and jerk, snatch and pull and the snatch are all examples. The record for clean and jerk for high school girls is 100 lbs from Chase S. and for the boys it is 140 lbs from Mason H. In the snatch position, Chase S. holds the record at 75lbs for the girls. Mason H. holds the boy’s record with 113 lbs.

“My personal record for clean and jerk is 48 lbs,” said Noah M., a weightlifting athlete.

In order to do the clean and jerk position, you first lift the bars on your shoulders. Then you push the bar up over your head. At the same time you split your feet apart, one front and one back. While the snatch is just lifting the bar off the ground as high as you can.

“My favorite part is probably the people in weightlifting because I have friends in Saint Paul’s school that I don’t get too see much, and I can with weightlifting” said Gabe H. who is a weight lifting athlete. “[I like to teach] Snatch because it is the easiest move to teach,” said Greg Hepola who is a weightlifting coach for students and adults.