Apple Wednesday

The fourth graders at Cannon Falls Elementary learned all about apples in October. They tasted apples and sorted them by their characteristics. Some wrote poems about apples. They did word searches about apples. They watched videos on how apples are processed. They even came home with some great recipes to use with apples.

The most important part of Apple Wednesday was learning about the different kinds of apples. The different types of apples the fourth graders tried were called Snowsweet, Haralson, Mcintosh, Zester, and Sweet Tango.

Apple Wednesday started 20 years ago, because the current teachers came up with Apple Wednesday for a fun theme day about  apples. All of the fourth graders in the Cannon Falls Elementary School do Apple Day. Sometimes each class does it differently from one another, but they all still have fun.

It was especially fun to make some dip for the apples. The ingredients to the apple dip are 8 ounces of cream cheese, ¾ cup of brown sugar, and one teaspoon vanilla.  

The word searches had names of apples, and basic words about apples like worm, blossom, and pie. They also learned some about the history of apples. John Chapman was Johnny Appleseed. He was born on September 26,1775, and traveled around the world planting apple trees. He also made medicine for the sick people.

Apple Wednesday was fantastic. The day was as American as apple pie!