Veterans Day


Kennedy F.

Local veterans came to speak to Cannon Falls Elementary students on Veterans Day.

Veterans Day is a day most people celebrate veterans. We honor our veterans with parades, fireworks, and school celebrations. School celebrations for Veterans Day are what I’m going to be talking about today.

Cannon Falls Elementary school celebrates Veterans Day by having an assembly and having veterans come and speak with the American flag. During the assembly this year, the students watched a slideshow of all the veterans from Cannon Falls. The wars that they fought in included The Korean War, The Vietnam War, and The Iraq War.


The dates of The Korean War is 1950-1953

The dates of The Vietnam War is 1954-1975

The dates of The Iraq War is 1980-1988

The fifth graders also sang and signed America, the Beautiful for the crowd.

~This article is written for all the veterans who have passed in all the wars. We are grateful for your sacrifice.~