Mrs. LaPan is Back!!!!


Falon H.

Mrs. LaPan returns to Cannon Falls Elementary School!

Mrs. LaPan is back at Cannon Falls Elementary. Most kids remember she taught first grade, but now she teaches fourth grade. She enjoys fourth grade very much. She likes fourth grade and first grade the same. She likes that fourth graders are independent, but she liked how excited first graders are to learn.

Mrs. LaPan started teaching at Cannon Falls in 2001 and says things are different now. She says that she likes the smart boards better than the Apple televisions because smart boards are interactive for students.

Mrs. LaPan bought a house by Interstate Building in Cannon Falls. When she isn’t teaching, she likes to visit her mom in North Dakota and also hangs out with Mrs. Peterson.

Hayden and Abby agree that Mrs. LaPan is a good teacher. We are happy she came back to Cannon Falls to teach.