Elves on the Shelf


Image via Pixabay under the Creative Commons License

Elves on the Shelf are a lot of mischievous fun!

Elves on the shelf are little elves that Santa sends to see if you are naughty. The elf goes back to The North Pole every night to report to Santa. At this time of year, a lot of schools, (including Cannon Falls elementary school), has an elf on the shelf. A bunch of classrooms have one or two elves on the shelf. Our whole school even has one elf on the shelf named Dwight.

Elves on the shelf usually leave letters and make messes, they also hide in weird places for you to find. On Christmas Eve (or near for schools), the elf flies away during the night and you’ll not see him or her until next Christmas.

There are some basic rules for the elf on the shelf. They are to keep you and the elf happy. They include:

  1. Never touch the elf.
  2. When you tell the elf what you want for Christmas, whisper it.
  3. Enjoy your elf on the shelf!