The Candle From My Perspective

You probably think The Candle is just a bunch of kids writing, but it is MUCH more!

In Candle, we always have fun before we start writing. We play games on our iPads and we talk until the advisors are ready to take attendance at 3:00. Last year, we had a party with root beer floats and cookies to celebrate when we first got our work published online. We all had a lot of fun, especially me.

We should keep The Candle, because it is fun and it gets kids more involved. At The Candle, we learn how to be a better writer and make our articles more interesting.

Helaena H. feels ”The Candle is amazing”, and I agree.

Axel R. thinks “The Candle is great, and I love writing!” and, again, I totally agree.

The Candle is AWESOME!! Don’t you agree?