Do you know what a Kolache roll is? I hear about them all the time at my house. Kolache (kuh-lahch-kee) can also be called Buchti. They are a sweet rolls with filling.  All of my family loves them especially me. Kolache rolls are a family treat and tradition. We try to find them at any bakery we go to, but it doesn’t happen often. This winter we decided to try and learn how to bake them. I thought it would be good to learn more about them.  

Here are some of the facts I found. Kolache rolls date back into the 1700’s. They originated in the Czech Republic located in Eastern Europe. According to wikipedia, the word Kolache means “circle or wheel.” The ones my family eats are more square shaped. They can have different types of fillings. Some of the fillings include prunes, fruit or (my favorite) poppy seed. I discovered that Montgomery, Minnesota is called the “Kolache Capital of the World” and holds an annual festival known as Kolache Days. I couldn’t believe that this was only about 30 minutes away from Cannon Falls! My family plans to try and attend this summer.  

The Kolaches we made turned out pretty good.  We even made a second batch the next weekend.  It was cool to learn my great-great grandma’s recipe. Axel R.

If you haven’t tried a kolache, yet you should!