The Magic Cave


Image via Pixabay under the Creative Commons License

The magic cave surprises the girls with a wish.

Once upon a time there was three children and their names were Makenna,  Malena,  (Makenna and Malena are twins) and the oldest Laura.

One day they wanted to go hiking, so they did. But they made a big mistake.

They did not know they walked into the spooky forest! (Some people call it the death forest, you’ll find out why in a bit.) It is called that because when someone goes in they never come out!

As they were walking, they heard a bear growl nearby. Then the bear found them and started to chase them!

“Ahh! I just want to go home!”screamed Makenna as they ran. (Makenna is afraid of everything)

They saw a cave, so when the bear was far enough away the girls ran into the cave.

As the girls walked in, they saw a purple glow in the back of the cave. They crept towards the glow and saw a purple ball and a sign. The sign said ‘This ball can grant one more wish.’

Quickly, Malena blurted out, “I wish we could fly!”

There was a purple flash, and the ball was gone.

“Flight! Really?!?” Laura yelled at her sister as they started to float above the floor.

In her anger, Laura accidentally yelled so loudly that the bear heard them and found them.

“Ahh! The bear found us!” screamed Makenna.

“Well, we won’t have to deal with him anymore,” said Malena.

“What do you mean?!” yelled Laura.

”We can fly… remember?” answered Malena.

“Oh yeah!” said Laura.

Then they flew home.

When they got home their Mom said. “How are you flying?!”

“The invisible stairs!” Laura lied.

“OKAY.” said Mom.

Then she walked away. The three girls quickly walked into their bedroom and died laughing.(I mean laughed very hard!)


The beautifully, wonderfully, and hilarious end!