Image via Pixabay under the Creative Commons License

Jack Snoot tries to survive in the harsh wilderness.

Jack Snoot was in the Delaware woods trying to survive. He was fishing for trout. He was making shelter out of dried logs and sticks. Jack found it extremely difficult to get food.

One day he went out to get some food to eat when he saw a deer! He thought about shooting at it. When he tried to shoot it, the deer ran right into him! The next thing he knew the deer was on him! Then he finally got his bow and shot the deer. He took the deer to his shelter and skinned the deer. It was getting late so he went to bed.

The next morning he went to work on using his new prize. He took the deerskin and made a roof out of the deerskin.

The next morning he went out to fish. When he was fishing, he caught a stingray! The stingray was trying to sting him, but Jack got away. He tried to catch another fish. He fished for twenty minutes and then he caught another fish! The fish had sharp teeth! Even though the fish had sharp teeth, Jack kept it. Then he got a fire going. He put the fish over the fire and waited. When the fish was done, he took all the bones out of the fish and ate it. After the fish had been eaten, he was full. Then he tried to fall asleep, but he couldn’t.

Jack decided to go outside and go up to the mountain. When he was at the mountain, he wanted to jump off the mountain and land in the river. So he went and jumped off!

When Jack jumped off, he landed in the river. Then he realized that stingrays were surrounding him! The next thing he knew the stingrays were stinging him, so he went to his shelter and rubbed leaves on himself. He fell asleep on the floor of his shelter.

The next morning he went on a plane ride home.