The Four Ninjas


Image via Pixabay under the Creative Commons License

The brothers want to become ninjas, but their dad has other plans.

Once they were four brothers named Jeff, Bob, Josh, and Kai. They all dreamed about becoming a ninja, but their dad, Herbert, was a miner and wanted them to become miners.

One day their dad took them to the mine that he mines in for work.

When the boys were walking around the cave, Jeff saw a green sword and tried to pull it out of the ground. He couldn’t so he asked Bob to help him. With some effort, they got the sword out of the ground.

As they walked further into the mine, Bob and Jeff saw a blue ninja star stuck in a wall. It was harder to get out so they called for Josh and Kai to help. Josh and Kai came as fast as they could. They all pulled lt together and got It out.

Then the boys figured out that if there were two working together, it was even better with all four.

The four looked around the cave and saw something glowing red deep in the mine.

Then their dad said, “We better go. It is getting late.”