Pigs are a very big and powerful kind of animal. They can have a litter of 13 to 20 baby pigs. Pigs are cool animals.

I like to hold the pigs and help feed them sometimes, only sometimes because I am not big in helping feed them! We give them crushed up corn, and Big Boy, our barrel, is the one who eats all the rotten food. A barrel is a boy pig.

When the pigs get older I like to spend time with them at the fair. We take them to the fair when it is old enough and is ready. Pigs are ready when they are big enough and older than 6 months.

It was very fun showing pigs especially because you get to go to a fair with your pigs and different animals. Showing pigs is my favorite thing to do because me and my family do it together.  We once went to an auction and bought a couple of pigs because my dad wanted to try it. We have been doing it ever since.

At the fair, when you are in the showing rink, you want to keep an eye on the judge and the pig. When you get close to a cage, you want to try to get the pig in the cage. The judge will then come and ask questions about it. You can earn a ribbon if your big looks good and you show it well. Then you can go to the State Fair.