Gaga ball is a game students in grades third-fifth play during outside recess at Cannon Falls Elementary. The game takes place in a octagon shaped court with wood walls.

Gaga ball at school is fun because there are lots of ways to play it. The way we play at school is if the ball goes over the wall, the person who touched it last is out. You can’t jump on the wall or else you are out. If the ball hits the wall, you can hit it again and again and again. You can hit it as many times as you want. If it hits you knees or under, you are out and you have to run around the fire hydrant or the garden.

Gaga ball was made in Georgia. Gaga Ball can be played on grass, sand, gravel, dirt, carpet and many more things. GaGa ball is one of the top games outside at school.

We are glad that we have it as an option during outside recess.