Bob the Bully

Bob is a mean person. He would kick and punch kids. Nobody liked him. They were afraid of him.

One day Bob was bullying a kid named Wyatt, but then Griffin told Wyatt to run.

Bob was mad! He tried to kick Griffin, but Griffin dodged it. Then Griffin ran to tell a teacher. 

The teacher had Bob clip down.

Bob went to red on the clip chart! (Red is a bad color on the clip chart.)

Bob was furious at Griffin. He was mean, but he didn’t like getting into trouble.

The next recess, Bob was sad. He didn’t want to be mean anymore, and he wanted to get some friends. He walked up to the boys and apologized for being a brat. Griffin gave Bob a big high five, and they ran to the monkey bars.

No more fights. No more bullies, and Bob became a better person.