iPads in Third Grade


Lauren C.

This year’s iPad is much different than the iPad from last year.

Using our School iPads are WAY different from last year. (Makes sense because last year was 2016-2017 and we were in second grade). Our iPads are bigger and have a more protective case this year. They also have a kickstand that can bend three different ways and can come off our iPads. 

We frequently get updates on our iPads throughout the school year. The most recent update is weird, because it is a little hard to type on the keyboard. 🙁 (I’m trying to type on the keyboard now, but it is really hard!!!) 🙁

Sure we still use our iPads for tests, games, and reminders, but what I am most amazed by this school year is ability to send Schoology messages. I am amazed by it, because with it, we are able to send messages to anyone in the school. My teacher doesn’t allow us to send messages to our friends yet, but we should be able to after we learn more about digital citizenship with Mrs. Coleman. We need to learn how to be responsible tech users first.   

Prodigy is my favorite app on my iPad. On Prodigy I am currently on level 60 and have learned more about place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. I’m now working on fractions and learning even more!

Today our class went on a scavenger hunt and took pictures of polygons around the building. We’ll use those pictures to create a Google slide show to show our learning.

I hope you liked my story about 3rd grade iPads. I am very glad that Cannon Falls Schools purchases them for us. They make learning so much better!