Memorial Planter

Although the school planter in front of Cannon Falls Elementary School is currently under a pile of snow, when spring comes that will change.

Again this year, Mrs. Kadrlik’s class has planted a variety of flowers in it.

Earlier this fall, the class voted to plant the spring-flowering bulbs in the school colors. So they dug holes and planted red/white, red, white, and black tulips. 

They trimmed the bush’s branches so it wasn’t quite so overgrown.

“I think that it is really cool ”By Gunner!

It is so fun to help with the school planter. They made it beautiful and they love it.  Everyone had a lot of fun. Mrs. Kadrlik loves it to.

”I think it was fun to do” Ben                                                                                                     

“It was the most amazing day of my life!!” Alyssa G.