Three Cute Animals That Can Be Deadly


Image via Pixabay under the Creative Commons License

Swans will attack to protect their young.

The following animals are cute, but be careful. Looks can be deceiving.

#1 leopard seal

The leopard seal looks cute but do not get close. It is the second top predators in Antarctica. Its canine teeth are about 2.5 cm (1in). They are dangerous to humans, but attacks are rarely reported.

#2 Slow loris

Awww they look so cute… but they have a toxic bite. They are omnivores so they eat insects, other arthropods, small birds, eggs, fruits, and reptiles.

#3 Swan

The swan is so beautiful, but…swans are really protective about their babies. Most birds will protect their babies, but if the predator is too strong or dangerous, it will eventually give up. Not the swan! They are known to try to keep the predator underwater if they are a threat.

As you learned, these cute animals can be dangerous. Cute can harm.


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