Science Night


Science Night was a night of fun and science for all Cannon Falls students and their families. Teachers set up basic programming, STEM, and even a bounce house. It took place in the Cannon Falls Elementary School gym and it was FREE!

Mr. Borgen and Mr. Samson were the lead people for setting up the science night. They came up with the idea for science night by meeting with the school Science Committee.

”We came up with things in science that kids of all ages can do,” said Mr. Sampson.  “My favorite part was the fact that all of the kids got to drive the high school robotics team robots,” commented Mr. Borgan.

Mr. Sampson and Mr. Borgan both mentioned that Science Night was a lot of fun. There were more than 400 people that attended.

“Science night was a lot of fun and I would love to go again!” said Peyton W., “I think there should be different things next year, but the same people should run in.”