Ben F.

Students at CFES enjoy playing trench in gym.

At Cannon Falls Elementary, second through fifth grades play trench in the gym. Trench was created by our gym teachers Mrs.Wallerich and Mrs. Illa.

To play, classes are divided into two teams. The gym is divided in half and there is a place on each end of the gym where kids go when they are out that is called the trench. When you get hit by a ball, you go to the trench. If you catch a ball, the kid that threw the ball is out and goes to the opposite trench.

While people are in the trench, they can attempt to shoot a basket into one of the hoops that hang on either side of the gym. If someone makes a basket, then everyone in that trench can come out. When you are in the trench, you can get a ball if it rolls into the trench. If you throw it and hit someone, you can get back in the game.

When all the people from one team are finally in the trench, the other team wins.

Trench is really fun because you can play with different kids and you can have fun dodging and throwing balls.Griffin P. really likes to play Trench. Charlie R. said, “ it is my favorite game in our gym.”

If you ever visit Cannon Falls Elementary school, come and play a game of trench with us. You’ll have a lot of fun.