Fourth Grade Girls Basketball


Reyna B's mom

The fourth grade girls basketball team enjoyed a successful year.

In Fourth Grade Girls Basketball again this year, the coaches were Adam (Emma’s dad) and Dwyane  (Indie’s dad).  Twelve players were on the team. Players included: Lola, Emma, Indie, Mya, Lexie, Alexis, Libby, Chloe, Claire, Hailey, June, and Reyna. The season started in December and ended in March. They had practices twice a week. Practices were at the elementary gym and at the field house. 

A favorite practice drill was dribble knockout. The team’s least favorite drill was cone (sliding cones while dribbling a basketball). 

June B. shared, “I like basketball and it is a great sport! I liked playing defense the best!”

Libby stated,  “I like to hang with my (basketball) team and play offense!”

All of the girls together created a powerhouse of a team. 

The team had 5 tournaments. At the Northfield tournament, they 1st place. In Waseca, they got 4th place. In Waseca, they got 2nd place. They achieved a 4th place finish In the Cannon Falls tournament. At the big tournament in Austin, they were pleased to once again get a 1st place finish! 

After the Austin basketball tournament, they had a party because it was the end of the season. They went swimming at GrandStay and had some hotdogs and other food. Everyone got awards. Reyna got the “Mrs. Driven” award.