The Candle Returns to Cannon Falls Elementary School!

The Candle is an online newspaper at Cannon Falls Elementary School. It is very similar to our local newspaper The Beacon and the high school newspaper The Lantern.  The only thing that is different about The Candle is that it is written by elementary kids! 

In 2018 Mrs. Kadrlik and Ms. Hoffman (now Mrs. Dyson)  said that The Candle wasn’t going to happen the following year. The staff were all so sad! The reason The Candle was cut was because the school didn’t have enough money to keep it going. 

Image via Pixabay under the Creative Commons License
The Candle Newspaper is published online.

In 2020 the Cannon Falls Fire Department chose to donate money and “relight” the Candle.  So The Candle was able to start again.  It is so good that the Cannon Falls Fire Department chose to donate money because The Candle is so much fun!

Many kids are excited about having the opportunity to publish their writing.

Miles R. said, “(The Candle is) very exciting because I get the privilege to have my article published on the web. Also I’m happy because I like to write with my friends.”

Lauren C. excitedly stated, ”I think it is a good idea to keep The Candle going because people can write about things that are happening around our school and be creative.”

Riley I. said “ I think The Candle is a good idea because it is a good way to get people to learn more about Cannon Falls Elementary School.”

We are so grateful that the Cannon Falls Fire Department did NOT put out our writing fire!

Candle Staff
Mrs. Rich
The 2019-2020 Candle Staff is excited to write about school events!