Recess Sleds

The Upper Elementary Playground Sledding Hill

Mrs. Addyman

The hill by the upper elementary playground has seen a lot of sleds this winter.

Sledding, which preschool through fifth grade do at outside recess at Cannon Falls Elementary, takes place behind the blacktop on a hill. Our school is surrounded by a hill and students take turns sledding down.

Principal Chappuis was instrumental in getting the sleds for the students to use. “I purchased sleds, because so many kids were asking if they could bring sleds in from home and there was a hill that we could use them on.” Though Chappuis was worried about potential injuries, thanks to PBIS (Keep It REAL) expectations and teachers actively monitoring kids who are sledding none have occurred as of publication. The Parent Teacher Organization or PTO donated the sleds to Cannon Falls Elementary. The sleds are colorful as they range from red to blue!

Many students feel sleds at recess are fun because sliding down a hill quickly is exhilarating and they enjoy having sleds as a recess option. Fourth grader Dan Carpenter gushed, “The sleds are super fun!”   

Unfortunately, due to their popularity, many sleds have already broken, as we started with over 40 but now we are under 10 sleds. 

Even though so many sleds have broken, they were still fun for the whole school this winter.