Handprint Wall

Cannon Falls students work together to make a masterpiece.


Elayna S.

Cannon Falls Elementary Handprint Wall

Many hands make great art. In the main entrance hall of our school, our art teacher Mr. Addington took all the handprints of the kids attending our school and made a mural of hands. In September all the classes took their hands and put them on the wall to create a masterpiece of handprints. 

Alexa's colorful handprint
Elayna S.
Alexa’s colorful handprint

The handprint wall is to show the history of who attended this school. They even used it to stop bullying. The month of October is anti bullying month. On the wall our school put up a “lend a hand, stop bullying” sign to help prevent bullying . On each handprint is the initials and the year that person graduates. He claims that every year the new kids that attend our school will put their hands on the wall and he will continue this process until the walls are covered.

Alexa, a really nice person, said her favorite part was the rainbow. “I like how it is all rainbow,” said Alexa. “I felt happy and proud to see my hand on the wall!”

Alexa proudly pointing to her handprint