A Healthy Beginning

Cannon Falls Elementary School is making a garden. Many vegetables are going to be in it. The garden is located in the back of the school by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade recess area. They picked that spot because there is water near it.  Mrs.Coleman had the idea of doing it. Mr.Sampson, Mr. Addington, Mrs. Kadrlik, and Miss Anita helped with construction of the garden.

Mrs. Coleman said “I have been gardening my whole life.’’

Miss Anita remarked, “I am not very good at growing things, but I am hoping Mrs. Coleman could help me get better at gardening and planting new things.” She also wanted to help the whole school by eating healthy.

Teachers and students agreed with making the garden. Mrs. Coleman reported, “Students and teachers will be taking care of it”.

The shape of the current garden is a CF. These stand for Cannon Falls. The shape is made out of wood and only has dirt in it right now. The garden has not grown that much yet. In the spring, the crew plans to put up a fence to keep the animals away.  They are going to start by starting seeds inside the school and then planting the seedlings outside in the middle of May. Vegetables are the only thing that are going to be in the garden so that kids can learn how to grow plants and the school can be healthier.

The garden has had a great start even though nothing has happened.