Teachers Got Mugged!


Peyton G.

Teachers got mugged sign outside a classroom

Josie S.
“I’ve Been Mugged!”

A crime wave has hit Cannon Falls Elementary School,. and the teachers are getting mugged!

Don’t be alarmed. This is a good kind of mugging. Teachers are giving other teachers mugs with little treats and trinkets in them. In the mug could be candy, pencils, and sometimes just random stuff a teacher might need. But here’s the catch you can’t mug somebody that has been mugged already.  

Mrs. Kadrlik got an adorable polka dot mug filled with many special items.  “When I got the mug, it just made my day,” she remarked. Mrs. Kadrlik is obsessed with polka dots and loved all of the candy inside of the mug.

Mr. Borgen excitedly stated, “I loved it because they made the mug personal. I also liked it because there were little fishing lures and an emoji mug with a cool dude on it.” Mr. Borgen liked giving the mug to someone else because he liked the way it felt so he wanted them to feel the same way he did.

“I loved the mug and what they put in it, ”Mr.Munson confidently reported. “I also loved giving the mug to a new teacher because it feels really nice especially at this time of year.”

Mrs. Biever began this “crime wave” of kindness because she wanted the teachers to have positivity. She kept it a secret the whole entire time and only three teachers knew she was the kindness culprit. Mrs. Sesker, Mrs. Skunes, and Mrs. Blakeslee were silent accomplices.She found the idea on Pinterest and shopped for mugs during teacher workshop.  

This is the best kindness crime wave in Cannon Falls history and it should happen more often. Great job, Mrs. Biever.