Food Fight

It was peaceful on the table until Meatloaf felt something land on him. It was a big glob of mashed potatoes. Meatloaf looked up with angry eyes. The fruit were launching bigs globs of mashed potatoes at the other food with a spoon. Cake was covered head to toe in potatoes. Meatloaf  watched as Banana flung a big white snowball of mashed potatoes into the punch bowl. The potatoes disintegrated in the punch.

“Gross!” thought Meatloaf shivering in disgust. “We have to do something about this.”  

A piercing scream suddenly knocked him out of his thoughts. It was The Cookies!  “Oh no!” they wailed. “What are we going to do? Nobody likes potato cookies!?”

A sneering laugh rang through the air. “HA HA!” cried Apple. “I told you I could hit the cookies from across the table.”

“Oh this is war! Yes that’s it! This will be war a food fight!” thought Meatloaf.

A while later Meatloaf had the food gathered together behind the punch bowl to escape the fruit’s potato balls. “OK listen up troops.” Meatloaf firmly said to the food. “We will show that fruit whose boss. We will show them that they can’t cover us in mashed potatoes.” he announced glancing at Cake.

“Question!” objected one of the green beans “What will we use as weapons?”

“Don’t know,” replied Meatloaf. “Any ideas anyone?”

“What about the candlesticks?” suggested Cake.

“Good idea.” said Meatloaf. “Go collect candlesticks for everyone.”

Soon Cake was back with the candlesticks. She handed them out to all the food.

“Great! Now all we need is a plan and we’re ready to go,” announced Meatloaf.

“Oh! What if we sneak up behind them, and then attack with the mashed potatoes?” suggested a cookie.

“Good idea, Cookie. When I say go, we will jump down onto the chair and then to the floor. But be quiet we don’t want the fruit to sense our attack.”

The food, in a single file line hopped onto a chair then to the hardwood floor. “OWWW!” yelled a green bean. “I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS! I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS!”

“Quiet!” hissed Meatloaf “You don’t have legs. Now get up and stop being a baby before the fruit hears you!”

Together the food crept around the table. Silently they climbed onto the chair on the other end of the table.

“OK everyone,” whispered Meatloaf, “remember the plan. On the count of three we will attack.”

“1..2..3 ATTACK!” screamed Meatloaf at the top of his lungs.

The food wasted no time. They climbed onto the table behind the fruit and attacked. With their candlesticks half of them chased the fruit to the other end of the table. While the other half grabbed spoons and got ready to launch potatoes.

In a few minutes the food was pelting the fruit with globs of mashed potatoes.

“Stop it!” screamed Pear. “

“Will you stop doing it to us?” asked Meatloaf.

“Yes! Yes!” shouted the fruit. “We promise!”

“OK then,” replied Meatloaf. Meatloaf turned to the other food. “Ceasefire troops.” ordered Meatloaf. “They have surrendered!”

It was peaceful on the table again. That is, until Apple decided it would be funny to cover Cake with mashed potatoes again…