Gaga Pit

The gaga pit is a place for kids to play a game called gaga. The gaga pit is made out of wood for walls in a hexagon shape. The ground is a mixture of dirt and sand.  The gaga pit is in the back of the school in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. The gaga pit was made in 2014.

The gaga pit was made by a girls scouts group, because they felt Cannon Falls Elementary School needed more things to play with. Mrs.Tilderquist had the idea of it.

The rules of gaga are: if you are hit by the ball under the knee and on the knee you are out. There is a fire hydrant you run around when you are out. If someone gets hit in the face the person that did it is out. You can not kick the ball, you can only hit it with an open hand. You can not use the walls for protection. If you hit the ball over the wall you are out. If you fall on your knees, you are out. You can not pick the ball up; if you do, you are out. You cannot argue. You can use any type of ball except a basketball and a broken ball. You can use gloves so your hands don’t get hurt. If you hit the ball with two hands, you’re out.

It seems like a lot of rules, but the game is actually really simple.  Many kids really like it.  We asked Gus O. why he loved to play gaga and he replied, “Because it is a fun game.”

We are glad that Mrs. Tilderquist and her girl scout troop made the gaga pit for our school!