Veterans Wall

Veterans are one of the most respected people on Earth.

November 11th is the day where we show respect to our Veterans, who fought and died for our freedom.

They fought for our country because they wanted us to be free. Many veterans sacrificed a lot for us. They leave their families to help protect us. There were 8 million soldiers that died in World War 1 and 21 million were injured.

Veteran Wall

Mrs. Turner with the help of Grandma Anne Lundgren put up the veterans wall in our hallway every year. This year’s wall featured pictures on the wall surrounded by poppies. Mrs. Turner wants to encourage us to “thank the veterans for their service all around the world.”

The poppies were made by the students of Cannon Falls Elementary.  Service members’ names were written on the poppy leaves.

Many teachers also read books about the veterans during this week of remembrance.

Veterans Day shows respect for those who were willing to give their lives to the country and to serve their country. It shows that we appreciate the veterans. It is important, because it is a time to recognize and honor those that have served their country in the armed forces. We are thankful for all that they have done.