The Candle


Noelle S.

Hard at work writing for The Candle

Exciting things are happening at Cannon Falls Elementary School!  We now have our very own online newspaper! It’s called The Candle, and it has all the news from our school and so much more!

33 third through fifth graders have been writing articles for the Candle since late October.  They write about all sort of events that happen in the school, as well as opinion articles, book or movie reviews, and more.  Some are even making videos of current events.

Mrs. Kadrlik and Ms. Hoffman got the idea of starting a newspaper for the elementary school this summer.  The Education Foundation approved their grant request, and the paper started.  

In addition to being fun, The Candle helps students learn how to write articles on the computer. The high schoolers with the help of Mr.Fogarty also came down and helped us get started writing our articles.  

Fifth grader, Sara A., a staff writer and assistant editor, said, “I like The Candle because I like to write. I like reporting about what’s happening at our school. I think it’s helping me to become a better writer.”

Ms. Hoffman said, “I like the opportunity to work with students in grades 3-5 and see what wonderful articles they write. It has been such a fun experience so far!”

We hope you enjoy reading our articles on The Candle. It’s been fun for us all!