Safety Patrol


Sara A.

Safety Patrol Gear

In Cannon Falls we are serious about safety, so we started school safety patrol. This is activity is available to all 5th graders. The 5th graders either come out 15 minutes before school or 15 minutes before school lets out and help people cross the street from the parking lot to the school.

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In 4th grade the soon to be 5th graders are given the chance to sign up for patrol captain. It is  a big responsibility to be patrol captain, but there is a upside. The chosen patrol captains spend a week at Legionville Safety Patrol Camp in Brainerd, MN. While there they learn about first aid, CPR , and the proper way to do safety patrol. They also do some fun things such as swimming and dance parties.

 “One of my favorite parts was when the counselors threw herbert (the CPR dummy ) across the room,” says safety patrol captain Grace M. “I also liked the part when they forced him to choke on Captain Crunch.”

Sara A.
Safety Patrol Flag

The captains that were chosen this school year are Grace M., Lily B., Dylan B., and Aaron M. 

When you are on patrol, you report to the front of the school on your scheduled time after stopping to pick up a vest and a flag. On days when it is raining, you also put on one of the ‘’yellow duck suits” or rain ponchos.

We thank everyone who signed up for patrol and pledged to keep our school safe.