A Funny Tale


Once upon a doormat there was a Person named Jordan. His friend Harry lived in a massive house. A mansion you could say.

One night it was freezing rain.  Suddenly the door slowly opened and a cloaked figure emerged. The dark shadow-like creature had a hand that resembled a claw. His shadowed face appeared to have a chunk missing from the left side. Then Jordan realized that the hooded man was holding an amulet. At the same time he noticed the amulet he realized that [what he assumed to be a man] had an elephant holding an umbrella!

Then Mary Poppins sued the elephant for copyright and she won the case.

The hooded man revealed his face and it was Mr. T! Mr. T said “Popeye The Sailor cat left a dead bird on your mat. No time to fret. Give him a pet. Oh! He’s Popeye The Sailor Cat!” Then he flew away with his magical dragon.