Pledge of Allegiance


Caiden H.

This classroom says the pledge every morning.

Although we are only required to say the pledge once a week, I believe the students of Cannon Falls Schools should say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.  

The first reason the pledge of allegiance should be recited on a daily basis in schools, is because when a student recites the pledge everyday, he or she may be directed into thinking more deeply about its meaning and significance. Saying the pledge is a symbol of loyalty by Americans toward our flag and country.  It’s a promise to be true to the Republic of the United States of America. It helps us to become more patriotic.

Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning gives us a chance to think about our roles as citizens of our country.  It gives us time to think about what we should do as citizens. Perhaps we could solve problems in our town or even in our own school.

In addition, reciting the pledge and showing respect to our flag every morning is a small way of thanking our military who risked their lives for us or even your family members. Don’t you think that veterans will appreciate you saying the pledge?

I don’t think that 15-30 seconds every morning is a lot of time away from teaching and learning, and it’s a good way to start the day.  Doesn’t it feel good when you make a veteran tear up because he/she is so happy?

You don’t have to say the pledge if it’s against your religion.  You can choose to sit quietly and wait for the pledge to be over or just mumble through the god part. But while you sit out you can still think about what you should do to help.

In conclusion, by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, every American promises to be true to the United States of America. The freedom available will not be taken for granted and each American will remember the countless men, women and children who have given their lives through the centuries, so that they can live peacefully.


(Modified from a letter written by Caiden H & Leevi G. originally shared with the Cannon Falls School Board in December 2015)
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