Holiday Elves



This photo provided by CCA&B, LLC, shows “The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition,” with the Elf for the shelf. (AP Photo/CCA&B, LLC)

Christmas elves are cute elves that watch over you, and if you’re naughty they’ll tell santa. Some can be made out of wood, yarn, and plastic. Elves on the shelf can be red or green. They can be boy or girl. They move around your house or school. Don’t touch them or else they will lose their magic. Christmas elves arrive at your house or school at the first of december or near that day. They sometimes give you gifts, but they have some of their magic in that certain gift. Sometimes they can cause trouble.  They can make a mess. They can steal belongings, but they usually eventually give them back. They can hide, leaving you going on a wild goose chase to find them, and they can make you feel that someone’s watching you all day, every second. They can be silly like hide a bunch of notes and drop them.