Peyton and Josie’s Adventures

One day Peyton and Josie, best friends, were making crazy ideas.  They were standing outside thinking of a plan to save the Earth because they knew something bad was coming their way. 

  Peyton exclaimed, “We have to think of something big, something extremely awkward!”

  Josie laughed as she stated,“I agree, well at least something crazy!”

  Peyton reported, “Of course it will, it’s you and me!” Peyton thought and thought of something, “I know it! We are going to space to stop the alien invasion!”

“Peyton, don’t go all wacky or crazy when you go outside ok? Because we are going to space!” Josie explained.

“Ok! Let’s go to the spacecraft. If we are going to space, this is really exciting. I can’t believe we are going to space!” Peyton shouted.

One hour later… After all the tests and experiments about whether or not they could go to space, they were finally on the rocket ship. They were ready to lift off!

Two hours later… “We are in space finally! That was the longest two hours of my life. O.M.G I see a alien they are so purple and slimy!” Peyton shouted.

“You are right they look disgusting, and oh my gosh they are in a spaceship heading towards Earth!” Josie shouted.

  “Well this is what we came for isn’t it?” Peyton said as she steered by the aliens’ spaceship.

So they got in the alien spaceship. The aliens explained that they wanted to make friends with the humans. So everyone became friends and they lived happily ever after. But that wasn’t the end. The aliens still lived in space so, Peyton and Josie visited them. (Now this is the end.)