The Alien That Discovered Something Amazing!

It all started when an alien named Shamat was in the woods. It was cold and windy. Shamat saw some strange things on the ground. He discovered  it was metal. He didn’t know where the metal came from so he said, “I HAVE A MYSTERY!!!”

Shamat had his lucky magnifying glass with him and started to look for some clues. He saw something really strange and cool. It was a green slimy liquid. Shamat couldn’t see it without his magnifying glass so he just kept the magnifier in front of his face and eventually found a trail of the cool green stuff. He followed the green slime until he ran into a really COOL SHIP!

Shamat went in the ship and the door shut behind him. He was trapped and couldn’t get out! It was dark and he couldn’t see anything. Shamat was looking for buttons and levers pushing and pulling wildly.

“I am very scared and I want out is here!” he screamed.

Shamat pressed a purple button, and the electricity turned on. Then he saw a button and a note that said “this button makes the door open”. Shamat pressed it and the door opened. He ran out and kissed the ground. Shamat sighed, “Land. Solid land.”

Shamat ran to the mayor and said to him, “There is a ship in the woods. Can we keep it and name it “the alien spaceship”?”

The mayor exclaimed happily, “YES! YES! YES !!! Now we can be famous and rich!  This is what I’ve always wanted.”

The alien replied, “The rest of the story is a mystery, and I love mysteries.”

The End