“Keep It REAL” Slogan


Cadence K.

Keep It Real Poster

Students at Cannon Falls Elementary all know the Keep It Real slogan; Respect, Effort, Attitude, and Learning. But could there be a different slogan that could better sum up the rules of our school?

I asked around the school and the results came favoring the slogan. We had 28 people that liked the slogan, and 3 people that did not like it. There was one maybe.

Torin S. said, “I think they did a good (job) picking out all the letters that fit the school rules.”

Lily M. said, “It’s a good influence.”

Jack M. said quote, “ What does Keep It Real mean?… Exactly. Mr. Bell says it all the time and it gets annoying.”

Let’s think about something else for a minute. What would the slogan be if we ditched the Keep It Real slogan? Do we even need one at all? I asked two people that didn’t like it what they thought they would like for a new slogan.

One said, “How about we do not have a slogan? I can’t think of a better one, yet I still don’t like it.”

The other one said, “ I just need a change.”

Would we be better off without a slogan? Obviously the school would have rules still. (We don’t want everyone running around like hillbillies every day). When we had the principal before Mr. Bell, we just had plain rules. Everybody knew these rules, and we followed them. Could it be that way again? Or is everyone too attached to the slogan? We can adjust to the new rules if they came around. What will the school rules be like with Mr. Bell’s successor?

These were just a few opinions on the subject.

But the real question is, “What do you think about the Keep It Real slogan?”