The Great Mail Race


Axel R.

The Great Mail Race Display in Miss Hoffman’s Classroom

Axel R.
Letter from a school in Hawaii

Miss Hoffman’s 3rd grade class are working on The Great Mail Race. The Great Mail Race is sending letters to all 50 states in the United States. They wrote and mailed the letters in January.

Each student wrote two or three letters in which they discussed their school size and things they like to do. They also mailed an additional piece of paper that listed facts about Cannon Falls Elementary. Things on this sheet included activities to do in Cannon Falls, what Cannon Falls and Minnesota are famous for, how big the school and class size is, and what they study. Students looked up different school addresses on a website. They wrote the address on an envelope. Students in class brought stamps to school so that they could mail the letters.

“It’s a good opportunity to send letters to other states in the US. I am very excited about the Great Mail Race,” Axel R. commented, “I love writing letters and hope I get a response!”

Miss Hoffman’s class has heard back from five schools. These schools were located in Hawaii, South Dakota, Arizona, North Carolina, . They have been able to compare Cannon Falls to different schools. They realized that schools in different states start and end at different times. They are also different sizes. A school in South Dakota only has about 170 students in their whole school. They’ve also learned some interesting facts such as; New Mexico is famous for Alien Landing, North Carolina is where the Wright Brothers had their flight, and South Dakota is home to Mount Rushmore, and Hawaii is the only state made up entirely of islands.

“I sent my letters to New York, New Mexico, and West Virginia,” Noelle S. stated. “I was excited to hear back from New Mexico, which is where I sent one of my letters!”