The REAL Deal Tickets

REAL Deal Tickets on display in the office

Katie M.

REAL Deal Tickets on display in the office

What’s the deal?

What are REAL Deal tickets? REAL Deal tickets are little slips of paper students get when their behavior is magnificent. The student then writes their name on the top and they put a box in the office.

On Mondays, Principal Mr. Bell draws a ticket for each grade level and announces the winners on the intercom along with the reasons they won.  The winners get their picture in the Cannon Falls newspaper, The Beacon. Mr. Bell also reviews a behavior expectation (how we are supposed to behave and do things in school) each week.

Cannon Falls Elementary school has had REAL deal tickets for about five years. Mr. Bell says, “It was a team effort to create the REAL deal tickets. We want teachers to focus on the positives instead of the negatives.”

The teachers hope that REAL deal behavior and its rewards will encourage kids to follow the school rules.  On December 21, we had our second assembly to reward kids for following the school’s expectations .

“I think [REAL deal tickets] are very nice and teach students to respect their teachers,” said Athena M.  

This reporter hopes everyone continues to “Keep it REAL”.  And that’s the REAL deal.