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Hayden S.
Hey! My name is Hayden. I love sports like hockey, hunting, volleyball, and swimming. I have been playing volleyball for two years. I have never played hockey, but I really really want to do it. I will get to go hunting this year, and I am so excited for it!! I would go swimming in my free time if I could but, sadly, I can't.

This is my first year in The Candle, and I love it so far! I really want to do it next year for sure - even if this is only the first day... I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way I am 9 years old and I will be turning 10 in November. I am in 4th grade. My teacher is Mrs.LaPan, and she is awesome!!! I have no pets (sadly) but my brother Slade and I really really want one. Unfortunately, my mom and dad keep saying NO!  

Hayden S., Staff Writer

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Hayden S.